Resona Piccolo by Burkhart
  • Burkart A-442 Professional Piccolo Scale

  • Keywork and touch pieces offer exceptional hand comfort

  • Silver Plated Mechanism

  • Gold Springs provide even key action, building a player’s technical ability

  • Velvet lined professional case with swab stick and cover

  • Durable modern felt pads enhance resonance and stability

  • Split-E Mechanism for an effortless High E.

  • Grenadilla wood headjoint (standard or wave)

  • The Standard headjoint is based on the classic cut found in early French and German piccolos. The tone it produces is very focused and sweet. For players using a small aperture when playing, it will have a stable, clear tone.

  • The Wave headjoint is carved with a slightly higher front wall (the blowing edge) and lower back wall against which the chin rests. It produces a very rich, clean, projecting tone, with easy control of dynamics.

Resona Piccolo by Burkhart

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